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The history of Sankyo home began in 1994. Since then we have expanded the basis of our business while we continue to let our clientele enjoy a harmonious life amongst nature in the city. So far, to date, we have expanded our operations into 4 business divisions; Development, Building, Reform, Assets.

Sankyo home is a real estate development designed with the future generation in mind. We conduct overall management in designing, marketing, development and sales, as well as thorough quality control to retain long-lasting asset values. We developed mainly in Osaka City, where we are confident of our information networks and we will continue expanding into wider areas in the future.

“To build property that coexists in harmony with both the city and nature ”

is the foundation of our urban development. Sankyo Home creates a new type of living environment that enhances the city’s best characteristics.


Keihan Electric Railway Co.,Ltd., celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2010, has connected historic cities; Osaka, Kyoto and Shiga, while developing many other businesses. In 2000, real estate sales department of Keihan Electric Railway Co.,Ltd. was separated and established to Keihan Real Estate Co.,Ltd. In 2016, along with a holding company, real estate sales business of Keihan Electric Railway Co.,Ltd. was succeeded to Keihan Real Estate Co.,Ltd. Keihan Real Estate Co.,Ltd. taking over all superiority with its history, aims for a further leap of real estate business with strong network that connects railroad line and with capability of group that centers on railway business. In 1928, Keihan Electric Rail- way Co.,Ltd. first developed the land in Osaka Neyagawa-shi, Kouri, starting the residential development. Since then, the development in suburban residential areas is concentrated on the effort. After the war, several business areas have been expanding year by year along Keihan Railroad line, and big scale of housing development has then expanded.

Even inside, “Kuzuha Rose-Town”, “Lake Biwa Rose-Town”, “Keihan East Okurayama”, “Keihan East Rose-Town” are illustrations of achievement. Nowadays, the original brand of condominiums or detached houses has been developing along the Keihan Railroad line, or even outside the line, and this aggressive business development still continues to grow.

We, Keihan Group, support the lives of people. Our mission is to make people have better lives. We are committed to build perfect sympathy of towns and residences with each other.

Keihan Real Estate’s philosophy is based on Keihan Electric Railway Co.,Ltd., real estate business and each company of Keihan Group. The team with our strong network is developing safe, secure and comfortable living environment.

“We contribute to the society by building a network of dream, hope and trust in the lives of people and creating a comfortable living environment.”

3 values that support our customers are
• SAFE and Secure – We produce high-quality housing that can be trusted
• Easy Living and Stay – We support nice living environment
• Richness of the Heart – We offer thoughtful services


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